Brieger: Closer NATO-EU cooperation urgent | Brieger: Engere Zusammenarbeit von NATO-EU dringlich

Nato Vollversammlung

Austrian General Robert Brieger, Chairman of the EU Military Committee, has explicitly welcomed stronger cooperation between NATO and the European Union. „Although there is room for improvement within the cooperation between the two organizations, the urgency and necessity of closer cooperation has been widely recognized, not least against the backdrop of the Ukraine war,“ Brieger told APA on Tuesday.

It is a „consistent continuation of a chosen path,“ the Austrian stressed with regard to the already third EU-NATO declaration on closer cooperation, which was signed by the parties involved on Tuesday. He said it was essentially a matter of the two organizations supporting each other. „Collective defense“ would remain largely in the hands of the Western military alliance, while the EU would strengthen its defense capabilities and be able to take on complementary tasks of its own, Brieger explained.

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Freiland Editor’s Note (Anmerkung der Freiland Redaktion)

From a military perspective, Brieger’s position is quite understandable. With regard to Austrian neutrality, this statement is unacceptable. Brieger should be demoted to a private!

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Aus Sicht eines Militärs ist Briegers Position durchaus verständlich. Im Hinblick auf die Österreichische Neutralität ist diese Aussage unakzeptabel. Brieger gehört zum Wehrmann degradiert!

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