John Ioannidis zum Stand der Impfungen und Covid

John Ioannidis

John Ioannidis spricht in einem Interview über Impfungen, Kinderimpfungen, Masken, Long Covid und die generelle Lage der Wissenschaft in den letzten beiden Jahren.


Particularly noteworthy is his assessment of the general balance of power during the last two years

There were too many powerful players and interest groups at play, with much to gain and much to lose. For example, corporations like Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, Meta, and media giants (who are often entangled in complicated relationships with each other) played as big or bigger a role than Big Pharma in these potential conflicts. This was not any kind of conspiracy, but simply that powerful actors have a lot of smart people working for them, and that these smart people can find ways to defend and advocate for their powerful interests.

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